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Welded Wiremesh
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Specification of Welded Wiremesh

Wire / Welded Wire is a kind of wire whose material is made of high quality stainless steel which has better rust resistance than regular iron wire. The counter wire has a shiny and clean, shiny and strongly shining structure and appearance on each welded joint. Wire counters can be used as street fence, engine cover, window cover, warehouse or factory insulation and so forth.

We, PT. Abadi Main Metal is Agent & Distributor of various Wire. We provide various types of Counters Wire as follows:

  1. Stainless Steel Wire Counters, made of stainless steel iron wire that has good quality
  2.  Galvanized Wire Counters, a wire made of stainless steel which in a galvanized coated material aims to resist rust and corrosion. Sell ​​various types of Galvanized Wire Wire (Galvanized Welded Wiremesh): Type 448, Type 4410, Type 4210, Type 228, Type 45K, Type 2210, Type 35K, Type 2212, Type 2214, Type 2114, Type 1114, Type 225K
  3. PVC PVC Counter Wire, is a wire made of stainless steel which in PVC coated material aims to be fireproof.

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